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Expectations for Council Members

Mutual Expectations for Council Members

  • Attend and actively participate in full council meetings and serve on at least one committee. Active participation is characterized by sharing my ideas and viewpoints with other members, knowing the needs, concerns, and views of any group or individual I represent as a Council member and presenting those views to the Council and committees, and performing a fair share of the work to be done by the full Council and committees upon which I serve. If unable to attend, I will provide advance notification to the chair or administrative assistant.
  • Demonstrate my understanding and appreciation of the importance of the diverse viewpoints council members bring to the process by listening actively and attentively to what others’ have to say, showing courtesy towards others and their ideas, and looking for opportunities to build our ideas upon other ideas offered. Through these behaviors I commit to participate in making the Council a safe environment for all to, in confidence, share thoughts, feelings, observations, and needs without fear of judgments, ridicule, or censure.
  • Put my personal agendas aside when necessary to accomplish Council business; I will both be an active spokesperson for my personal points of view and those of my constituents, and be willing to compromise and collaborate to achieve full Council objectives.
  • Come to meetings prepared to participate in the business at hand by having read and become familiar with any materials sent in advance of the meetings. I will respond to any request for input and feedback made by others on the Council orally or in writing, per the wishes of the requestor.
  • Act in compliance with the Council’s by-laws and adhere to appropriate confidentiality guidelines and policies.
  • Provide each other with honest views and feedback, including letting each other know how we believe each of us can be of most value and use to the Council in accomplishing its goals and fulfilling its mission.
  • Be accountable for doing my part; do what I say I will do, say no if I cannot or will not do something, and inform the Council of any problems I encounter as early as possible.
  • Be an advocate for the Council and for people with disabilities that present barriers to employment by sharing information about the Council and its activities with other groups in which I participate
  • Assist in the effort to begin and end meetings on time by arriving on time and staying for the entire meeting.
  • Share my knowledge and experiences to orient other Council members to VR and to the State Rehabilitation Council.
  • Speak in lay terms and avoid unnecessary jargon and acronyms.
  • If I foresee a problem in meeting any of these expectations, I will let the Chair know immediately.