Roles and Responsibilities of Council

Maine State Rehabilitation Council

The role of the Maine State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) is to review, analyze, and advise Maine’s Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program regarding its performance and how well services match the needs of people with disabilities in our state.

Specific SRC activities may include:

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the VR program and services for people with all disabilities, including those with cultural and linguistic differences
  • Reviewing and analyzing consumer satisfaction with VR services and service providers
  • Examining the extent, scope and effectiveness of services provided
  • Examining agency policy, procedures, and performance
  • Developing input and reviewing VR’s state plan
  • Partnering in comprehensive statewide needs assessment development
  • Writing an SRC annual report

The Maine State Rehab Council is the consumer voice for the Maine VR program. Federally mandated membership requirements include a broad range of stakeholders to ensure that this voice reflects various constituencies, including former VR consumers, employers, VR counselors, disability advocacy groups, and community rehabilitation providers.

revised: 04/10/2017